Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak
an ethologist, zoopsychologist and animal trainer
Sabrina Brando
An animal welfare specialist, animal trainer, director of AnimalConcepts, coordinator of training programs
Kirstin Anderson Hansen, PhD
biologist, animal behaviorist and animal trainer
Claudia Fugazza, PhD
dog trainer, ethologist, researcher
Martina Schiestl
Biolożka, studentka medycyny weterynaryjnej, trenerka zwierząt
Julia Robertson
Katarzyna Barłowska, DVM
A doctor of veterinary medicine, also a lecturer at, co-founder and a deputy director of Ethoplanet.
Karolina Hołda, PhD
a dietitian, zootechnician, Ethoplanet’s lecturer
Grzegorz Juszczak, PhD
A biologist researching into animal behaviour.
Milena Beli
A zoophysiotherapist for small companion animals and a lecturer for Ethoplanet.
Jolanta Łapińska, DVM
veterinarian, zoopsychologist
Artur Łazarczyk
A trainer and instructor for dog trainers at Canid school.
Mikołaj Zybała
A biologist who is passionate about the sea wild life, ecological education and animal training.
Krzysztof Buczek
Alpacotherapist, alpaca breeder, the owner of “Moje Alpaki” business, a lover and trainer of camelidae species. 
Szymon Migas
Dog training instructor
Magdalena Olszewska
a specialist for adoption and cooperation with homeless animals shelters, animal carer and practitioner, has been a volunteer at Viva Foundation for many years.