Ethoplanet - Etologiczne Centrum Szkoleniowo Doradcze


Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak MSc, BEng
an ethologist, zoopsychologist and animal trainer
Katarzyna Barłowska, DVM
A doctor of veterinary medicine, also a lecturer at, co-founder and a deputy director of Ethoplanet.
Julia Robertson
Claudia Fugazza, PhD
dog trainer, ethologist, researcher
Karolina Hołda, PhD
a dietitian, zootechnician, Ethoplanet’s lecturer
Grzegorz Juszczak, PhD
A biologist researching into animal behaviour.
Milena Beli, BEng
A zoophysiotherapist for small companion animals and a lecturer for Ethoplanet.
Jolanta Łapińska, DVM
veterinarian, zoopsychologist
Artur Łazarczyk, MSc
A trainer and instructor for dog trainers at Canid school.
Katarzyna Karwowska, MEng
A zoopsychologist and evaluator of aggressive dogs.
Magdalena Żelazowska, MSc
A trainer, dog training instructor and zoopsycholgist.
Mikołaj Zybała, MSc
A biologist who is passionate about the sea wild life, ecological education and animal training.
Krzysztof Buczek
Alpacotherapist, alpaca breeder, the owner of “Moje Alpaki” business, a lover and trainer of camelidae species. 
Szymon Migas, RVT
Dog training instructor
Natalia Brauła
Office manager, in charge of administration and registrations at Ethoplanet, Senior Pet-sitter, tending to our trainees’ needs.
Agnieszka Bertman
an office manager, deals with administration and registrations at Ethoplanet, behaviour consultant, coordinates our administrative work, a secretary knowing all canine and human problems.
Agata Równy
Veterinary technician, International relations and communication manager
Magdalena Olszewska
a specialist for adoption and cooperation with homeless animals shelters, animal carer and practitioner, has been a volunteer at Viva Foundation for many years.
Małgorzata Jastrzębska
Animal protection inspector, cat live capture, adoptions