Magdalena Czarkowska

behaviourist and dog trainer

A graduate of the Behaviorist – Zoopsychologist Ethoplanet course and a participant in the Canine Trainer qualification course.

A volunteer of the Psubraty group at the „na Paluchu” shelter (November 2016 – October 2018), working with various dog problems and preparing dogs for adoption.

In September 2020, she defended her master’s thesis on: „The problem of domestic animal abuse as an element of modern criminology”.

Currently, he conducts Behavioral Consultations and Dog Training, and also creates articles full of canine knowledge on his website MagCzar – Psi Angle Behawiorysty.

He constantly expands his knowledge by participating in courses granting qualifications, training/workshops, among others on dog medical training, dog communication, proper dog nutrition and participates in Animal Behaviorism Conferences.


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