The training for dogs’ and cats’ carers, as well as for veterinary technicians,  behaviour consultants, zoophysiotherapists and everybody who is interested in an individual approach to an animal and its welfare. The participants learn how to define the proper figure of a pet and to assess what is the necessary nutrition portion in relation to physiological condition.

The course key ideas:

  • The most important information on nutrients.
  • Canine and feline need for water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • Types of energy coming from food. Energetic balance of a body.
  • Factors influencing energy demand in dogs.
  • How to define the ideal body weight based on BCS – Body Condition Score – exercise with a stuffed toy and/or a real dog
  • How to calculate the makeup of dried foods and amount of carbohydrates based on the foods labels.
  • How to define caloric value.
  • Tools: on-line calculators and apps.
  • How to compare the level of nutritional ingredients in various foods and why is it impossible to compare the amount of protein and fat in dry and wet foods.
  • How to compare a daily need for metabolic energy in cats and dogs in various physiological conditions including: obesity, growth, work, after neutering or in the reproduction period.
  • How to calculate a daily food portion for a cat or dog. The frequency of meals.

The coach: Karolina Hołda MSc, BEng

Cena: 250zł
Cena „early birds”*: 200zł
*Przy płatności do: Już wkrótce pojawi się informacja!
W cenie: materiały, przerwa kawowa, certyfikat uczestnictwa

Każdy uczestnik otrzymuje dyplom uczestnictwa w warsztatach.

Liczba godzin: 4
Liczba zjazdów weekendowych: 1
Terminy: Już wkrótce!
Miejsce: Konstancin Jeziorna

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