Behavioural workshops: Canine Communication

The key to a good work with a dog and to develop a proper interspecies relation is a successful communication, based on personal culture and knowledge of the language of the given species. It can occur when both the sender and the recipient understand the transmitted information. In inside-species communication the comprehension of communication is much easier, even if the parties’ origins or languages differ. The way how dogs communicate between species has an additional multicultural complexity aspect. To learn communication between a human and a dog is a process parallel to learning a foreign language, described by the interpretation and generation of a code in a human language.

There are six parts in the process of communication: context, participants, sensory channel, the proper communication, noise and feedback. Average human expectations and the knowledge of canine behaviour, disregard these basic principles of communication and rely on the antropomorphisation of animals. Canine needs and the way dogs receive and process stimuli are adequate to issues relevant to them, which does not constitute a counterpart of a deliberate consideration typical of how a human approaches a problem.

Workshops in zoosemiotics are intended to teach how to read canine signals, how to respond  in a way that is clear to a dog,  and how to use this skill in everyday life, in zoopsychologist’s or dog trainer’s practice.

Workshops key ideas:

  • Comprehension of canine signals
  • Comprehensive analysis of these signals in situational contexts
  • Formulating a clear response
  • Enforcement of signals informing of a dog’s happiness,
  • How to motivate a dog
  • Building canine self confidence.
  • Creation of a positive human- dog relation

Prowadząca: mgr inż. Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak

Liczba miejsc: 5

Cena: 200zł
Cena „early birds”*: 150zł
*Przy płatności do końca marca 2019!
W cenie: przerwa kawowa, certyfikat uczestnictwa

Liczba godzin: 5
Termin: 3-7.06.2019
Miejsce: Stefanowo

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