Rodent and bunny behaviourist

“Rodent and Rabbit Behaviorist” is a course designed for people who want to deal professionally with helping rodents and lagomorphs and their carers. The course focuses on the analysis of these animals’ behaviour, systematics, needs and behavioural disorders. During the training, behavioural disorders and ways to deal with them will be discussed.

Due to the transfer of theoretical classes to the online form, it is possible to join the group during the course.

Practical classes are moved to 2021.

  1. Systematics- Milena Wojtyś-Gajda DVM
  2. POverview of captive rodent species as companion animals. Ethograms –Milena Wojtyś-Gajda DVM (online)
  3. Biological mechanisms of animal behaviour – Paweł Boguszewski PhD
  4. Fundamentals of ethology – Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD (online+live)
    • Basic concepts: behaviourism, behaviour, instinct, drive, motivation, motive, motivational tension, distribution of drives, conflict of drives.
    • Stress as the state of mobilization of the whole organism in Sely’s concept. The concept of homeostasis. Survival strategies and protective activities.
    • Emotions – Fear, anxiety, anxiety and phobia, aggression, territorialism – biological basis.
  5. Learning process- Paweł Boguszewski PhD, Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
    • Types, processes and mechanisms of learning. Habituation.
    • Classical and instrumental conditioning. The square of the reinforcements. Punishment and reward concept. Positivity and negativity of punishments and rewards. Acquisition, extinction and spontaneous renewal, stimulus generalization, stimulus differentiation.
    • Ritualisation and habits.
    • Learned helplessness.
  6. Analysis of the needs of individual species of rodents kept as companion animals -Milena Wojtyś-Gajda DVM, Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
  7. Environmental enhancements -Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
  8. Nutrition of rodents and rabbits – Milena Wojtyś-Gajda DVM
  9. Animal Experimentation – A Necessary Evil? Why are rodents the most popular experimental model? Animal experiments – ethics and science. Experiment planning and animal welfare in breeding and experiment –Marta Gajewska PhD
  10. Animal welfare – Marta Gajewska PhD
  11. Group structures and joining of herds/individuals – Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD, Milena Wojtyś-Gajda DVM
  12. Behaviour analysis – Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD (online+live)
  13. Influence of diseases on behaviour- Milena Wojtyś-Gajda DVM
  14. Reproduction of rodents and rabbits: decision to reproduce, sexual maturity in males and females, sex differentiation, preparation for mating, diagnosis of pregnancy, delivery and raising of offspring – Katarzyna Barłowska DVM
  15. Behavioural problems and behavioural disorders – Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
  16. Algorithms of conduct and interview with the owner- Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
  17. Rodent training – practical workshops – Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
  18. First aid for rodents – Milena Wojtyś-Gajda DVM

Workshop classes:

  1. The basics of rodent and rabbit training.
  2. Diagnostics of behavioural disorders and therapeutic programs.
  3. Assessment of stereotypy.
  4. Joining herds / individuals.
  5. A visit to the animal facility at a research facility.

Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD

Due to the covid-19 pandemic and the growing threat of coronavirus infection, we are introducing changes in the form of conducting classes from stationary to online (except for one workshop conference).

The course consists of 3 sections:

  1. 3 real-time webinar meetings where you can freely ask questions.
  2. Online recordings of lectures (which can be played at any time).
  3. Live workshop classes.
  4. A visit to the animal facility at a research facility.

Dates of conventions in the form of webinars:

October 02-03, 2021
October 16-17, 2021
November 13-14, 2021

Stationary meetings (Warsaw, due to Covid19, the exact location will be given closer to the date):

19-21.11.2021 (Fri-Sun)

hours: 11: 00-17: 00

Exam (online): 04/12/2021 at 11:00

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Cena obejmuje:

  • dostęp do strefy e-learningowej
  • materiały szkoleniowe
  • formularze behawiorysty, instrukcje, kwestionariusze wywiadu
  • walizkę behawiorysty „Ethoplanet”
  • opiekę tutora podczas trwania całego kursu
  • kurs pierwszej pomocy dla gryzoni!
  • dostęp do kursów online: Analiza zachowania zwierząt, Teoria uczenia i modyfikacji zachowań
  • zajęcia praktyczne dotyczące treningu gryzoni!

Miejsce: Online 

Zajęcia praktyczne: Przeniesione na 2021

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