Parrot Behaviourist

The parrot behaviourist course is designed to help these very demanding animals, such as parrots. Often they do not have their basic needs secured, they develop diseases that many caregivers do not know about, and their treatment is possible only by a veterinarian who specializes in treating these animals. The behaviour of birds, and above all parrots, are very complex and difficult to analyze and even more so to solve their behavioural problems. Therefore, this course is aimed primarily at behaviourists, veterinarians, parrot caretakers and lovers of these animals who want to deepen their knowledge about the behaviour of the species and methods of therapeutic work on their behavioural disorders.


    1. Introduction to behavior analysis (3h online)
      – Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
    2. Learning theory (3h online + 2h full-time)
      – Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
    3. Domestication vs. taming- Mikołaj Zybała MSc, Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
    4. Possible physical causes of “behavioral disturbances” such as excessive vocalization, overpreening, feather-picking, self-mutilation, aggression (pain, itching, hormone effects and others). Specific syndromes in specific species (2h) – Ines Daszkowska DVM
    5. Disorders and diseases leading to deterioration of feathers and / or loss of feathers (PBFD, deficiencies, liver diseases, diseases of the buttock gland and skin, hormonal disorders – mainly thyroid, APV, ABV, Chlamydia, xanthomatosis, parasites) (3h) – Ines Daszkowska DVM
    6. ABV – a factor that increases the risk of plucking feathers? (1h)
      – Ines Daszkowska DVM
    7. Overall health assessment of the bird (1h)
      – Ines Daszkowska DVMa
    8. Additional tests in the diagnosis of bird diseases (X-ray, USG, CT, MRI, stool tests, cytology, blood tests, cultures, histopathology and others) (2h)
      – Ines Daszkowska DVM
    9. Hormonal activity and behavioral problems. When should the veterinarian step in? Hormone therapy (2h) – Ines Daszkowska DVM
    10. “My bird is… extremely calm / aggressive / over-vocalizing since it’s been with me. Why go to the vet? After all, my bird does not have any disturbing symptoms! ” – is he healthy? – the importance of preventive examinations in clinical cases (1h)
      – Ines Daszkowska DVM
    11. Pharmacotherapy in bird behavioral disorders (3h) – Ines Daszkowska DVM
    12. Allergies, hypersensitivity reactions and reactions to irritants (1h) – Ines Daszkowska DVM
    13. Species, breeding (3h)
    14. Welfare, environmental enrichment, contrafreeloading (3h)- Mikołaj Zybała MSc, Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
    15. Behavioral disorders (6h)
      – behavior analysis – main assumptions and tools,
      – excessive vocalization, i.e. persistent shouting – characteristics, causes, effects and in general how to deal with,
      – aggression,
      – plucking, trimming, over grooming, psychodermatosis and self-mutilation
      – learned helplessness,
      – timidity,
      – hyperactivity.
    16. Games and fun with birds. Training parrots for interactive games. (2h)
    17. Human-animal relationship (3h)
    18. Parrots etogram. Parrot body language (4h) – Martina Schiestl
    19. Behavioral disorders in parrots – the most common problems (5h) – Martina Schiestl
    20. Techniques for treating parrots with behavioral disorders (4h)
      – Martina Schiestl
    21. Introduction to animal training- Artur Łazarczyk MSc, Szymon Migas VT, Mikołaj Zybała MSc, Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak PhD
    22. Parrot training (3h) – Martina Schiestl
    23. Introducing a new individual to the herd (2h)
      – Martina Schiestl
    24. Case study (4h) – Martina Schiestl
    25. First aid for birds (2h) – Ines Daszkowska DVM

Dates of meetings:

29-30.05.2021 live webinar
05-06.06 2021 live webinar
12-13.06.2021 live webinar
26-27.06.2021 – Martina Schiestl live webinar
2-04.07.2021 – Artur Łazarczyk, Szymon Migas, Mikołaj Zybała, dr Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak, Martina Schiestl – Practical workshops at  Warsaw Zoo


EXAM (ONLINE): August 21, 2021

The first exam date is included in the price, each subsequent attempt costs PLN 150

Ratuszowa 1/3, 03-461 Warsaw


Time: 10: 00-18: 00

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Place: online + ZOO Warsaw


Course price:
Early birds price (until 01/31/2021): PLN 4500
Standard price: PLN 5500


Included in the  price
  • 5 stationary meetings and recorded online classes in the form of video-presentations, over 70 hours of lectures in total
  • 3 practical classes under the supervision of DVM Ines Daszkowska in the Kiwi Veterinary Office
  • access to the e-learning zone
  • downloadable teaching materials
  • workshop classes
cena 5500 PLN
4500 Discounted price until 31.01.2021 Zarezerwuj
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