About Relationship

The course with Federico Bettoni includes 8 meetings on weekends from June to September 2019. The path for better understanding relationship with dogs starts with Step 0, about socialization in general and first evaluation.

The others 7 are focusing on a variety of socialization patterns as aggressiveness, fear, stress, trust, behaviours related to addiction, to sexuality, ethogram, etc.

About Relationship allows students as well as their dogs to growth in skills and awareness, but in order to be successful it is required that both students and their dogs follow the whole course. Participation includes a couple: a human together with a dog. Topics of each weekend may be find below.

Are you still wondering if it is a course for you and your dog? Come to ‘Step 0’ and decide for yourself!


Dates and topics of the steps:

21-23.06 Step 0: New vision of the relationship dog and owner – general aspects
6-7.07 Step 1: Strength and aggressiveness
20-21.07 Step 2: Emotions and playing with dog
3-4.08 Step 3: Personal power and presence
17-18.08 Step 4: Equilibrium and opening towards others
31.08-1.09 Step 5: Expression and communication
14-15.09 Step 6: Mental order and self-discipline
21-22.09 Step 7: The trust and need of control


In order to guarantee the highest course’s quality, there is a limited amount of spots for couples dog/person.

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