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Małgorzata Rokicka

Animal biologist, zoopsychologist, nature photographer

Certified zoopsychologist/animal behaviour and training consultant (Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2010), M.Sc. in biological sciences (specialization: animal biology; Warsaw University of Life Sciences, 2013), a forensic expert
in Animal Psychology, animal and nature photographer and equine assisted coach. A graduate of the Equine Touch method,
a foal imprinting trainer and a horse riding instructor. Member of the Polish Ethological Society (PTEtol).

She is passionate about wildlife and discovering the secrets of animal and human minds. The author of the innovative publication “Theory of Mind in Horses” and many articles in trade magazines on psychology, training and animal welfare. The author of the unique approach to working with animals TO INSPIRE TRAINING and the innovative method of developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with the help of horses TO INSPIRE COACHING.

By combining different professions and skills, she helps people and animals discover what is most beautiful in them and find
true understanding so that both parties can live in harmony with each other. It is her passion and a way to fulfil herself in life.

Her MISSION is to promote the idea of ​​kindness towards all beings, inspiring people with the beauty of nature and sharing her knowledge so that together we can create a better world based on mutual respect, love and understanding.

She offers professional animal behaviour and training consultations, workshops and seminars in the field of psychology of animal behaviour, fine art animal and nature photography and equine assisted personal development programs.

She specializes in the treatment of anxiety-related behavioural disorders and behavioural training in horses and dogs.
She has many years of experience in the rehabilitation of horses after ordeals (coming from Foundation interventions,
including the Viva! Foundation).

Her research interests: neurobiological mechanisms of behaviour (Cognitive & Behavioural Neuroscience), emotions and intelligence of animals, zoosemiotics, wildlife biology.

She constantly deepens her knowledge and improves her qualifications. She regularly participates in scientific conferences
in the field of animal psychology and training, participates in various seminars and trainings, and studies scientific literature.
She is also involved in numerous projects and charity actions aimed at the welfare of animals, people and the natural environment.


In the book “Theory of Mind in Horses”, devoted to the advanced cognitive functions of animals, for the first time in history, on the basis of an author’s scientific experiment, she proved the existence and functioning of the title construct in horses, which had so far been attributed only to humans. She showed that horses accurately read human intentions, communicate consciously and deliberately with them through body language, and perfectly detect and reflect their authentic mental states.

Privately: a scientific mind with an artistic soul. A devoted animal lover with Picasso’s imagination and the knack of Sherlock Holmes. Nothing is impossible for her. Fascinated by the world of nature, she loves to discover its secrets and show its beauty through the camera lens. A passionate about figure skating and film music, she will always find time for a good coffee with her friends – preferably in the bosom of nature 😉

Her MOTTO is:
“Wherever you go, go with all your Heart” (Confucius)


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