Magdalena Żelazowska

A trainer, dog training instructor and zoopsycholgist. She has completed a course for dog trainers of the first degree, dog trainer instructor training of the second degree at Cynological Center Canid and Bite  prophylactic Trainer (Trener Profilaktyki Pogryzień) training held by Fundacja Edukacyjna Pies i Staś. She has completed  behaviour consultant course at Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE). She is a certified Zoopsychologists (Europejskie Studium Przygotowania Zawodowego i Wiedzy Praktycznej). She has attended many seminars and workshops on work with dogs, their therapy, emotionality and communication. She lends her roof to homeless animals and is involved with finding them proper permanent homes. An active contestant in obedience sports events. An owner of school for dog training.