Ethoplanet - Etologiczne Centrum Szkoleniowo Doradcze

Katarzyna Karwowska, MEng

A zoopsychologist and evaluator of aggressive dogs. She graduated from University of Warmia and Mazury. Her experience in work with dogs dates back to 2002 when she became an owner of a female Tosa Inu dog called Shiko. In 2014, Katarzyna went professional and started Accamara CAO Kennel breeding centre for Central Asian Shepherds. Work with aggressive dogs is her true passion and  mission. She has obtained professional qualifications at a postgraduate course in zoopsychology and problems in dog behaviour held at WULS. She has also completed trainings in work with aggressive dogs organised by Jim Crosby and at Centrum Edukacji Kynologicznej Psia Wachta (Dog Watch Cynological Education Centre). She has attended courses  Zoopsychology and  Zootherapy in a Nutshell  at Open University at WULS. She runs a dog hotel and works with school children at AAA and AAE courses. She is also a certified specialist in physiotherapy and rehabilitation of pets.