Katarzyna Barłowska, DVM

A doctor of veterinary medicine, also a lecturer at, co-founder and a deputy director of Ethoplanet. A graduate from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Life Sciences in Lublin with a Master’s degree. Katarzyna has participated in numerous internships and trainings in animal hospitals in Poland and abroad (among others, a 7-month internship at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno). She has attended Behaviourism course held by CANAAN dog training school.
A veterinary doctor, animal carer and the Head of the Veterinary Office at the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences, she is about to complete her doctoral course at the Department of Experimental Embryology at the Institute. She has been an initiator of adoption actions for cats and dogs from animal shelters in ul. Metalurgiczna in Lublin and in Krzesimów.




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