Karolina Hołda, PhD
Phone number
508 337 868

Karolina Hołda, PhD

A graduate in Zootechnics, has done her PhD course at Faculty of Animal Science at WULS. She has attended an academic training at Ghent University (Belgium) at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Her specialty is feline and canine diets. Karolina runs courses in and provides counsel on diets for companion animals.

She has been professionally involved with the market of pet food since 2008. Her main areas of research are physicochemical properties and safety of use of dried foods, which involves oxidative stability of lipid fraction, microbiological cleanliness, presence of mycotoxines, and potential adulteration of ingredients in specialist foods. The findings of her research have been published in Vet Personel, Magazyn Weterynaryjny, Pies Rasowy, Dog &Sport. She is a member of European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition and a juror in a panel for the cynological foods industry competition. Willing to know all on canine and feline foods, she keeps the track of new scientific publications.

Privately, Karolina takes care of Finka – a female dog, adopted from the shelter at Paluch

More info at: www.canidiet.pl


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