Everyone has the right to express even the most extreme views, everyone has the right to ask and demand answers! We will discuss each topic together and try to find answers to the most difficult questions based on scientific publications, not forgetting the ethical aspects. We present the issues as objectively as possible, leaving the decision about their own views to our listeners. We present our own views without imposing them on anyone. Most importantly – we never stop training!
By completing our courses, you do not end your adventure with Ethoplanet! Every year we organize free seminars and meetings for our graduates! We create the Ethoplanet community, thanks to which we are able to exchange views, insights and help each other in difficult situations.
Are our courses easy? Definitely not. Students must pass the theoretical exam in each subject block, write final papers, undergo internships under the supervision of a specialist, pass a practical exam and write a final thesis. Sounds scary? Perhaps, but we are sure that we only issue certificates to responsible and good specialists.
If you are not guided by ease, but by professionalism and the desire to gain knowledge – you can do it!

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