Behavioral consultation

Do you have a problem with your pet’s behaviour? Please contact the Ethoplanet behaviourist.

The purpose of the consultation is to diagnose the problem, establish therapeutic measures, establish an animal file, describe the problem and conduct therapy. Each animal has its own card, which includes a detailed course of the therapeutic process, along with monitoring of the assessment of therapy progress. The behaviourist selects an appropriate set of exercises and other therapeutic activities, or, together with a veterinarian, selects appropriate drugs to support the therapy. The whole therapy is also supported by a dietitian and zoophysiotherapist.

What makes us stand out?

First of all, a professional and holistic approach. We take care of your pet comprehensively! In addition, we monitor the progress of therapy in a scientific manner. Thanks to our detailed questionnaires, we define precisely which elements of the therapy are strong points and which should be improved.

We guarantee improvement!

Consultation cost:
PLN 350 * – the first visit including a meeting with a behaviourist and determination of therapeutic activities (therapy program), as well as the establishment of a dog file with a detailed description and diagnosis. Duration of consultation 2-3 hours. In most cases, this one visit will be enough. Telephone and e-mail consultations are already included in the price of the first consultation (up to 1 month).

PLN 150 * – subsequent meetings covering the selection and learning of basic exercises and therapeutic techniques. Duration 1-1.5 hours. If the therapy has to be extended (more than 3 sessions) – the price is reduced to PLN 100 / hour for each subsequent appointment.

Species we deal with: dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, farm animals

* in the commune of Piaseczno and Konstancin Jeziorny free access. Depending on the distance, there will be an additional travel fee, determined before the visit, for other places.


Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, we have launched an online consultation option.

The cost of online consultation is PLN 250

Duration: depending on the case, about 2 hours.


Lead behaviorist, ethologist, animal trainer: Dr. Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak

Lead behaviorist, veterinarian: Martyna Woszczyło

Hosting behaviorist: Piotr Kleszczyński

Other behaviorists and supportive trainers: Magdalena Czarkowska, Magdalena Wesołowska, Zofia Szlemp, Anna Okulicz-Kozaryn, , Iga Paczyńska, Artur Łazarczyk, Szymon Migas


In order to arrange a private consultation, please contact:


tel.: 515-631-055

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