animal hotel network

Hotel doc4dogs

Ewa Adamkiewicz, zoopsychologist, ethologist, dog trainer
Hotel doc4dogs, Wiązowna, Klonowa 16b st.

Hotel Frogowo

Katarzyna Karwowska, zoopsychologist, agressive dogs evaluator,
Hotel Frogowo, can accomodate aggresive dogs.
Żabi Róg, +48 721 180 200

Hotel Ethoplanet

Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak, ethologist, zoopsychologist, animal trainer
Hotel Ethoplanet, rodents, rabbits, dogs - including dogs with behavioural issues (hyperactivity, fearfulness); currently only small, medium and large up to 25kg tolerating other dogs.  Therapy possible during stay. 

Piaseczno, 515 314 476


Magdalena Żelazowska, dog trainer and trainer instructor, zoopsychologist
DogBisia- under the auspices of Ethoplanet, dogs.
Wyszków, +48 513 900 333