Ethological Centre of Training and Consulting
Animal Behavior Consultant

A certified animal behavior consultant course

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Cat and dog sitter

Certified cat and dog sitter course and junior certified cat and dog sitter course

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Premedical first aid for companion animals
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Behavioral workshops

Canine communication

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Behavioral consultation
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Our philosophy

I am an ethologist and nothing animal is alien to me.

Ethoplanet was brought into existence in response to the demand for the knowledge of ethology. Its founder Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak created the community with professionalism, unlimited love and empathy towards animals. Ethoplanet means the best specialists – people with a relevant educational background, scientists, not only exceptionally learned and broadminded, but also seasoned practitioners, with years of experience.

We are distinguished by responsibility, constant desire to raise the bar and deepen our qualifications. Holistic approach is a key concern in our work. It is our mission to promote a responsible and humanitarian approach, sensible and thoughtful care, responsible consumption and, first of all – respect for animals without unnecessary antropomorphisation – recognition of their distinct needs and behaviour.

Our goal is to promote science and its practical application to bring about animal welfare through noninvasive and positive training methods in order to shape reactions, appreciating an individual and its- his or her emotions. We wish to enhance human-animal relation by means of training and communication.

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