Our philosophy

Ethoplanet was founded in response to increasing demand for knowledge of thology. The founder - Dr. Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak, created this place primarily guided by professionalism, boundless love and empathy towards animals. That is why Ethoplanet are the best specialists - people with specialised training, scientist with wide knowledge and and an open mind and at the same time, great practitioners with years of experience.

We are distinguished by responsibility and constant strviving to raise the bar, deepen our knwoledge and qualifications. The holistic apporach is paramount to us

I'm an ethologist and nothing animal is alien to me
Agata Maria Kokocińska Dyrektor Ethoplanet

Our mission is to promote

  • responsible and humane treatment of animals,
  • reasonable and thoughtful care for animals,
  • conscious consumption,
  • but above all - respect for animals, without unnecessary anthropomorphization with respecting their separate needs and behaviours.

Our goal is to promote science in combined with its practical use, and above all, to improve animal welfare,  with the use of non-invasive and positive training techniques and shaping behavior based on the idea of ​​respecting the individual and their individual emotions.

Our ambition isto improve the human-animal relationship through communication and trening.

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